Stop Hate

Hate doesn't just happen in places like Charlottesville, but here in our communities.  

Nazis demonstrating in Berkeley, hate graffiti in Albany and in El Cerrito, where I live, we saw neighbors victimized by a hate crime.  

But we organized around this horrible event to send a message.  

We joined together and started a “Stop Hate” Campaign.  We also started an annual event called “Loving Day” to celebrate multiculturalism, acceptance, and diversity in the community.  We even became a Sanctuary City to stand up to Donald Trump and his continued attacks on immigrants and refugees. I was proud to be part of these efforts and it is one of the reasons I am running for State Assembly. 

I am going to make “Stop Hate” a key part of my campaign and I hope you join this effort.

Download the free “Stop Hate” poster here!