Healthcare for All – More than a slogan

As a Registered Nurse for the past 17 years, I have spent my entire career dedicated to caring for others. Over this period of time, I have witnessed how our healthcare system is broken. Lack of access to care, cuts to services and hospital closures put us all at risk. When I go to the State Assembly, I will fight to make healthcare accessible for all Californians. We need hospital services to be based on community needs, not on who can pay the most. When we implement a Medicare for All healthcare system in the state of California, everyone will have access to healthcare. I never give up on my patients and I will never give up on ensuring that healthcare is a Human Right. 


Educational Opportunity

In order for people to succeed, we must provide them with opportunity. Like many kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, I endured food and housing insecurity. Luckily, my grandparents intervened and provided me with a stable environment where I was able to go to school and thrive. I am a proud graduate of the Fresno Unified School District where I was the Senior Class President of my high school. From there, I went on UC Santa Barbara as a Regent Scholar. With the help of Cal Grants and scholarships, I was able to succeed. We need to do more for our kids now. As the 6th biggest economy in the world, our public educational system in California should be the envy of the rest of the states, yet we are 41st in per pupil spending. New York spends twice as much as California. It is a disgrace. As your Assemblymember, I’ll fight for universal preschool, make college accessible AND affordable to all that desire to attend, and ensure that we fully fund our K-14 educational system.


Criminal Justice Reform

For too long we have disproportionately incarcerated people of color in this state and in this country. We need to invest in our kids early and stop the school to prison pipeline. I opposed the local effort to expand our County Jail – I called for investing more resources for mental health and prevention instead of jail cells. For the formerly incarcerated, we need to provide jobs and educational opportunities. Sensible reform of our criminal justice system is the most important social justice issue of our time. I will fight to provide all Californians with opportunity and create true equality for all.



To fix the housing crisis in California we need a concerted effort that includes a mix of bonds, smart development, allowing in-law units, more flexibility for things like micro-units and looking at increased  housing density along transit corridors to help those who use public transportation. We should repeal Costa Hawkins and do more to protect renters. Having proper shelter is a fundamental component of a healthy life.



Finally, we cannot have good health without a healthy environment. Under Governor Jerry Brown, California has continued to take steps to cut carbon emissions and the world has noticed. We need clean air, clean water, healthy food and housing.  Without these basic things, we cannot thrive. But we can do more – banning fracking, curbing emissions by fostering an expansion on zero emission vehicles, continuing to lead the fight on climate change by growing the green economy and creating green jobs in the solar and wind clean energy industry. In Sacramento, I will stand up for what makes up the health of the whole person. 


I look forward to being your representative.