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Help the campaign end the year with a bang and have some fun.

Sunday, December 17th 7-9pm

 McBears Social Club 

10458 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530


$4,400 Pardue-Okimoto Advocate (10 Tickets)

$2,500 East Bay Champion (5 Tickets)

$1,000 Team Rochelle 

$250 AD15 Supporter * $50 Friend * $25 Ticket

 Host Committee

 Fiona Ma, Board of Equalization Member

Sandre Swanson Former Assemblymember

Mayor Genoveva Calloway, City of San Pablo

Mayor Janet Abelson, City of El Cerrito

Councilmember Paul Fadelli, City of El Cerrito

Councilmember Cecilia Valdez, City of San Pablo

Madeline Kronenberg, WCCUSD School Board Member